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Missions is the responsibility of the local church, not a mission board. ~ We Facilitate!


Missions is not about our organization, it's about gospel proclamation. ~ We Cooperate!


Most unreached people groups will not be reached through a traditional missions approach. ~ We Innovate!

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Thomas Ragland's Lessons For Successful Missionary Work

February 20, 2014|admin|0 Comment(s)

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How To Encourage & Discourage Your Missionaries in Five Easy Steps

January 7, 2014|Philip Hunt|0 Comment(s)

Pastor, get in touch with us personally! It is a blessing to talk with a pastor in a supporting church and it is abundantly clear that he actually knows who you are and can interact with you about what is going on in the ministry - he reads our prayer letters and is informed. Don’t forget communication is a two-way street!
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Missiologists: 40 Maps That Explain The World

October 8, 2013|admin|0 Comment(s)

Max Fisher at the Washington Post wrote a fascinating article entitled, "40 Maps That Explain The World." It is a must read for those interested in missions!
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