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Missions is the responsibility of the local church, not a mission board. ~ We Facilitate!


Missions is not about our organization, it's about gospel proclamation. ~ We Cooperate!


Most unreached people groups will not be reached through a traditional missions approach. ~ We Innovate!

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The Fields are still white - Laborers still needed

March 26, 2016|admin|0 Comment(s)

Whatever one thinks of these numbers, one thing is clear: despite 225 years of Protestant missionary advance, the world is still largely unevangelized...
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Living In Uncertain Days

November 27, 2015|admin|0 Comment(s)

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Influences of Culture

July 8, 2014|admin|0 Comment(s)

A person native to a culture often does not perceive the subtle influence of that culture. That all changes when a missionary enters his host culture. Everything is different, he feels, smells, senses all the differences in an overwhelming cacophony of stimuli.
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