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How Do You Measure Missions?

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It’s always been frustratingly difficult to appraise missionary ventures. What if Adoniram Judson’s church had pulled him off the field after nine years of what seemed to be fruitless work in Burma? It was the next twenty years that were so incredibly fruitful, and today there are hundreds of thousands of believers in Burma. Continue reading

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The Challenge Of Developing A Strong Indigenous Church Planting Movement In Africa

From the picturesque thatch-roofed villages to the bustling metropolises Africa is a study in contrasts.  Africa is the continent where the number one killer is still mosquito-born malaria yet it is the place where the first heart-transplant was successfully carried out.  Twenty-first century Africa is dominated by Islam in the north and Christianity across the central and southern regions yet African Traditional Religion remains the primary theological grid. Continue reading

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