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Equipped – Now Do Something

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The purpose of continued learning of Scripture is to help us in our life mission of harvest work. Equipping is always in the context of the rubber-meeting-the-road application. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge leads to aimless and harmful arguments fueled by intellectual pride… Continue reading

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VIDEO: Visualizing Population Growth to 7 Billion People

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As NPR’s Adam Cole reports, it was just over two centuries ago that the global population was 1 billion — in 1804. But better medicine and improved agriculture resulted in higher life expectancy for children, dramatically increasing the world population. Continue reading

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Plague Of Ambition-less Harvest Workers

The gospel is always in danger when the message becomes more man-centered than God-centered. One unintended result of a minimalistic approach to the gospel is that our churches and schools became refuge for many small “c” christians, perhaps more than many of us imagine. Continue reading

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What Sets IBMGlobal Apart?

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We believe that missions is the responsibility of the local church, not the responsibility of a mission board – We Facilitate. Continue reading

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