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Hesitations About Joining A Mission Board

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The main concern expressed by these students was the amount of ministry control many mission boards assert over missionaries, thereby disengaging the missionary from the leadership of his local church pastor… Continue reading

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Called To Return Home

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The Lord calls most of us to “return home.” Back home He calls us to be faithful church members who deeply admire and wholeheartedly support missionaries. Let the Gospel’s advance on the frontlines drive your oh-so-normal life at home. Continue reading

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A Challenge To The Next Generation

God intends every one of us to be engaged in His Great Mission – My intention is not to put you on a guilt trip – some of you will prayerfully re-evaluate your life and come away with a clear affirmation that you are right where you should be, pursuing what God has for your life. If God has blessed you with a good job, given you a purpose and a place in His plan – Rejoice! I pray that for you God will press upon you your responsibility to sacrificially give and aggressively pray for the evangelization of the world in our generation. Continue reading

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Making Disciples By Planting Churches

Richard Coekin in a brilliant article entitled Making Disciples By Planting suggests the following four things regarding the “all” statements in the Great Commission. We have copied a few excerpts below and hope that it will encourage you to read the whole article.

Coekin writes: …given that making disciples is the heart of the Great Commission, the four great universals—the ‘alls’ that dominate Jesus’ words—have a direct effect upon how we plant churches to make disciples. Continue reading

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The Need for Theological Education in the Global South

The following statistics provide a snapshot of the underlying reality of the Christianity sweeping through what is being called the “Global South.”

Eighty-five percent of churches in the world are led by men and women who have no formal training in theology or ministry.
If every Christian training institute in the world operated at 120 percent capacity, less than 10 percent of the unequipped leaders would be trained.
Eight out of ten nationals who come to the west to receive training never return home.
Leaders from every non-Western region say their number one need is leadership training. Continue reading

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Passing The Baton: Handing A Church Plant To Timothy

There is a danger that we move too quickly and put someone into leadership who is not biblically qualified because of immaturity or because they do not meet the biblical qualifications. The other extreme is equally as dangerous – to have qualified men, but never hand off. Continue reading

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Video: He Wrote My Name

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In this video the children at the Village sing in praise to God. IBMGlobal partners with Faith Children’s Village in Zambia, Africa. There are 60 children living at the orphanage. FCV is opening a new primary school in 2013 and is in need to two upper primary school teachers. Continue reading

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A God-Exalting Ambition

God is glorified through the living of a life that is wholly abandoned to Him. So do you have a driving, all-consuming ambition rooted in the character and mission of God? Continue reading

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A Needed Discussion: Answering Objections to Long-Term Missions

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We recently read a post by Ben Stevens over at the Gospel Coalition Blog. This article articulates answers to the objections that are often raised about long-term missions. Of particular interest are his comments on objection #5 “It Is Much More Effective To Just Fund Nationals.”

Stevens writes, “Anyone who cares about God’s mission to the nations should be interested to address the ideas being used to deconstruct 20 centuries of missionary precedent. So let me briefly introduce the most popular objections and offer an alternative way of looking at each of them.” Continue reading

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VIDEO: Off The Grid: South Sudan

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IBMGlobal partnered with to shoot a documentary recording the spiritual need and opportunities for the gospel in South Sudan. On January 9, 2011 a vote for the independence of South Sudan was held with 98% voting in favor. On July 9, 2011 South Sudan became the newest country in the world and the 54th country on the continent of Africa. Learn about the exciting ministry opportunities in S. Sudan… Continue reading

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