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Practical Suggestion for Ministry Connections

Here are four suggestions for developing ministry connections. This is what missionaries do all the time among unreached peoples. In post-Christian America disciples of Jesus Christ must become intentional in developing these connections if we are to “make disciples.” So here goes: Continue reading

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Missions: Dare I Use The Word ‘Cooperate’?

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Jeremy Wallace has a thought-provoking article over at his blog ( He summarized his reasons that why churches fail to cooperate in mission outreach: Continue reading

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Giving Online

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In an effort to provide the highest level of financial service, IBMGlobal now has the ability to process pre-authorized ‘automated giving’ – either through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or through recurring credit card transactions.

To get started, simply click on this link and follow the instructions to register. Registering online will give you the ability to manage your online donations and access your gift history. Continue reading

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Lambs Among Wolves

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A full moon rises over the cane fields around Sangla Hill, and in the twilight a minaret looks like a stake driven through the heart of this city. Three hundred Christian families live here, and not one of them feels safe tonight. My mind is swirling with all I’ve seen today – charred crosses, churches and homes gutted by fire, the cries of children, and the pleas of their parents for someone to protect them. Continue reading

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Prayer For the Persecuted

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An unexpected knock interrupted the house church meeting. The believers inside, still grieving over the death of one of their leaders, had been on their knees into the night praying for the release from prison of another one of their pastors. Then came a knock at the door in the dead of night. Was it the police, or just a stranger who had lost his way and saw a light in the window? Continue reading

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What Acts 1:8 Really Means

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If this new thing called “the church” is going to take over the world with the Gospel, the Holy Spirit isn’t going to do the same thing He did in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament it was “Come and see.” “Come, Naaman. Come, Queen of Sheba. Come to Israel where god’s Spirit-filled priests are ministering in God’s temple.” But Jesus inaugurated the new age of Holy Spirit power. It’s no longer “Come and see,” but “Go and tell.” Every city becomes the holy city; every people becomes the chosen people; every church and every believer become the holy temple. Continue reading

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