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God’s Sovereignty And The Spread Of The Gospel (Pt.1)

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The relationship between God’s sovereignty and the tasks of evangelism and missions is often the central point of tension. Although there is ample evidence from church history that belief in God’s sovereign control, even over the bestowal of salvation, provided the kindling for the Great Awakening and the modern missionary movement… Continue reading

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Avoiding A Spirit Of Ministerial Competition

One great evil a minister must guard against is harboring a spirit of competition toward other ministers and ministries. There is temptation to compare ministries, programs, attendance records or other forms of visible “success” Continue reading

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Though officially a part of Tanzania, Zanzibar has its own government and run the island in a semi-autonomous way. Zanzibar has a few “Christian” churches these include Catholic, Anglican and Pentecostal congregations. There is an underlying level of Islamic resistance and persecution of “Christian” religions. Continue reading

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Is Missions Just for Missionaries?

One of the problems that we face in missions today is a spectator mentality in churches because we have abdicated our responsibility to complete the Great Commission to mission boards and/or to individual missionaries. Continue reading

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