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Musings On The Missionary Enterprise

NOT EVERYTHING CALLED MISSIONS IS MISSIONS. My understanding of missionary work is formed by the Book of Acts. The clear pattern there is evangelism, discipleship, establishing churches, and training pastors / elders. When I came to my present pastorate I studied the list of supported missionaries and discovered that of 16 entities only two were on this program… Continue reading

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Mission Prayer Letters Need To Be Mobile Friendly

Possibly the most revealing piece of data collected from a survey which included responses from 1,497 smartphone users, is that 75 percent of users say they are “highly likely” to delete an email that does not display well on mobile. Continue reading

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What Is Your Definition of Missions?

We must avoid the tendency to view structural, educational, and organizational development within the missionary endeavor as an end in itself, rather than as a means to the end of making Jesus the Object of worship worldwide. Continue reading

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God’s Sovereignty And The Spread Of The Gospel (Pt.2)

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At no place is the tension between the various views of God’s sovereignty been highlighted more clearly than regarding the matter of personal salvation. Again, all orthodox believers would assent to God’s sovereignty in this area, but their respective understandings of it would be considerably different. Continue reading

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