Birding In the USA

During takeoff on a Delta flight I thumbed through the inflight magazine out of boredom more than anything else. There was an article on “Birding.”  This is a growing industry where American travel around the country… to look at birds.

The economic impact from this phenomenon is breath-taking. Consider these Birding facts from a 2006 Survey:

  • 12 Billion dollars spent on trips
  • 23 Billion dollars spent on equipment
  • Total: 35.7 billion dollars spent

Wow – there really isn’t a lack of money in our distressed economy!  The real issue is the affections of the heart… Will I spend my resources for personal pleasure or will I invest to fulfill the Great Commission.

(Delta Sky Magazine, Oct 2011 , pg. 60)

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Philip Hunt serves as Africa Director for IBMGlobal. He and his wife have served 21 years in Africa. His responsibilities include serving as President of Central Africa Baptist College & Seminary in Kitwe, Zambia (, the Director of Faith Children’s Village Orphanage ( Philip Hunt and his wife Lori are the parents of seven children: Cherith, Austin, Collin, Ashlyn, Carman, Tamaryn and Corban.
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