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Parenthood & Discipleship

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By our example and teaching, we desire to cultivate a love for God’s Word and the understanding that it stands far above all else. For us in America, this is often fleshed out as “Scriptural Truth over Psychology.” For the Third World citizen, this could very well be fleshed out as “Scriptural Truth over Indigenous Spirit Beliefs.” What is important is the heart assuring belief and trust in the sufficiency of Scripture. Continue reading

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Explaining the African Phenomenon of Rented Crowds

The… next time you visit Africa with your camera and take pictures of a congregation in any of our African townships or villages, easily divide the attendance by a quarter in order to arrive at the regular attendance of that church. Continue reading

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Practical Suggestion for Ministry Connections

Here are four suggestions for developing ministry connections. This is what missionaries do all the time among unreached peoples. In post-Christian America disciples of Jesus Christ must become intentional in developing these connections if we are to “make disciples.” So here goes: Continue reading

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Passing The Baton: Handing A Church Plant To Timothy

There is a danger that we move too quickly and put someone into leadership who is not biblically qualified because of immaturity or because they do not meet the biblical qualifications. The other extreme is equally as dangerous – to have qualified men, but never hand off. Continue reading

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A Needed Discussion: Answering Objections to Long-Term Missions

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We recently read a post by Ben Stevens over at the Gospel Coalition Blog. This article articulates answers to the objections that are often raised about long-term missions. Of particular interest are his comments on objection #5 “It Is Much More Effective To Just Fund Nationals.”

Stevens writes, “Anyone who cares about God’s mission to the nations should be interested to address the ideas being used to deconstruct 20 centuries of missionary precedent. So let me briefly introduce the most popular objections and offer an alternative way of looking at each of them.” Continue reading

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