Download Application


Process of Acceptance & Appointment

Those seeking to go to the mission field will go through the following process before final approval as a missionary of IBMGlobal.

  • Download the application from the above link and follow these steps to complete the application:
    1. Open the application.
    2. Before beginning save it to your computer using “Save As…” located under “File” in the top left corner of the computer screen.
    3. Close the application and then open it from the location where you just saved it on your computer.
    4. Complete the application and then save it again using “Save As.” You may give it a new name or keep the same name.
    5. Close the application.
  • Send the completed application along with a written recommendation from your sending church and the names and email addresses of three personal references not related to you to
  • After application review, the Director will contact the applicant for an interview.
  • A statement of agreement with the Mission’s Practices and Policies must be signed before acceptance to appointee status.

After an applicant has been accepted to the Mission, he may be urged to enter an internship before entering formal appointee status. This is often encouraged to further ministry experience; however, the goals of the internship will be discussed and agreed upon by the Mission, the applicant and the applicant’s sending church.