IBMGlobal recognizes missionaries are unable to carry out the work God has laid on their heart without sufficient financial funding. To this end, we are faithfully trusting and diligently seeking God to provide for every need.

As a religious non-profit, IBMGlobal is authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts for eligible contributions. Eligible contributions are defined as money designated for the support of a specific missionary and/or project.

Missionary Support Plan

Financial support differs based upon geography as well as the needs of the missionary family. Support needs will be evaluated regularly to ensure the missionary is appropriately supported. The Director, in conjunction with the missionary’s commissioning church, determines the appropriate level of support necessary for each ministry. Each missionary is responsible for raising and sustaining their support level.

The support level covers (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Personal Expenses (Food, Transportation, Clothing, Education, Etc.)
  • Housing
  • Ministry Expenses
  • Conference Costs (Periodic Field or Area Conferences)
  • Travel expenses (Reporting and Recruiting)
  • Income Taxes
  • Medical Insurance
  • Schooling for Children
  • Retirement
  • Administrative Service Fees *

Should a missionary receive support in excess of their monthly salary, those funds will be held in an escrow account for those months where their support is not fully achieved or for a particular ministry need.

Each IBMGlobal missionary is encouraged to provide for retirement. Retirement planning will be provided for those who wish to participate.


Funding for IBMGlobal is achieved through local churches and individual donors who sacrificially give to support the Mission’s vision as well as from the administrative service fees charged to the missionary. The administrative fee is $425 per month per missionary unit. Missionaries with personal support under $4250 per month are charged at a rate of 10%.

The collected administrative service fees cover the cost of administrative personnel, printed material to promote the Mission, the costs associated with maintaining the IBMG home office and website as well as funds used for any emergency evacuation situation. The Administrative service fee does not apply to personal gifts or to funds allocated to support special projects.