People often inquire as to how a mission agency assists the missionary. While not exhaustive, below are areas IBMGlobal serves our missionaries from contact to commissioning and beyond!


  • Orientation: Pre-Field Ministry
  • Guidance: For Sending Church
  • Assessment: Missions Preparedness
  • Assistance: Develop Personal Development Plan
  • Onboarding: Field Ministry


  • Contribution Receipting
  • Assistance: Develop Support Schedule
  • Personalized Accounting (Purchasing & Payment)
  • Liaison: Donors & Missionaries
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
  • Administrate: International Health Insurance
  • Administrate: Retirement Program

Member Care

  • Prayer Support
  • Accountability – Encouragement – Support
  • Emergency Management & Repatriation (if necessary)
  • Assistance: Obtain Visa/Work Permit