Our Philosophy


  • IBMGlobal exists to assist the local church in sending servant leaders to strategic fields of ministry. We seek to serve the missionaries’ commissioning church, as well as other partnering churches, by providing financial, logistical and administrative help to the missionary.


  • IBMGlobal believes God has given our generation the responsibility as well as the resources to win this generation to Jesus Christ. To that end, we are committed to starting indigenous church planting movements through the progression of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training.


  • IBMGlobal believes cooperation, not competition, is to be expected and enjoyed with other Biblical mission agencies. As able, we are willing to share expertise, logistical support and resources as we seek the common goal of spreading the gospel around the globe.


  • IBMGlobal is dedicated to being Biblically balanced and scripturally separated. Although Biblical principles are non-negotiable, preferences are to remain preferences.


  • Because IBMGlobal is devoted to boldly proclaiming the gospel among every tribe, nation and tongue, creative and innovative means will be used to enter limited access countries. To this end, we are willing to ‘work outside the box’ of the ‘traditional mission’ paradigm.