Luis & Bev Arce



God has called us to a ministry of helps. This involves assisting missionaries and local indigenous pastors with construction projects in churches, Christian camps, Bible institutes, orphanages, missionary housing,  medical clinics, etc. Literally, we help the missionary with whatever his needs may be if we have the ability to do so.  In the twenty-two years of our ministry, God has allowed us to help missionaries in over 16 countries, many in multiple projects.

Construction projects can be very time consuming. When a missionary or pastor is heavily involved in a building project, it takes away precious time that should be spent in studying the Word, preparing sermons, doing visitation, and meeting the needs of his congregation. Our ministry thus allows the missionary or pastor to have the time needed for a more productive ministry.

God has been preparing us for this ministry all our lives, giving us the knowledge and training in most aspects of construction and mechanics. Our desire has always been to meet the needs of the missionary or pastor in any way we can, and to always have a servant’s heart.