Missionary Training & Orientation

Update:  There is still time to register and attend the annual Missionary Training and Orientation.  It begins next monday at 7:30 in Merrimack, NH.  Please get in touch if you would like to be part of this two days of fellowship. .................

IBMGlobal will hold its annual Missionary Training and Orientation on Monday & Tuesday, April 18-19, 2011. We invite those interested in missionary service to attend these two days of fellowship.

Here is a sample of some subjects that will be discussed:  (For full schedule see below.)

  • Current Trends In Missions
  • Attitudes of Effective Missionaries
  • Implementing an Indigenous Ministry & Developing an Exit Strategy.
  • Funding your ministry.
  • Culture Shock
  • Vision & Strategy.

If you are interested in information about IBMGlobal or would like to attend our Missionary Training & Orientation please contact the office at 603-821-3252.

For the full schedule, please click on the attached PDF link below:

CS Orientation Schedule - 2011 Attendees