Assisting Missionaries During Pre-Field Ministry...

For some pastors and churches, sending one of their own members to the mission field is a new experience. Often times, they may think their involvement will be limited because, “Isn’t that why they joined a mission board?” However, pastors can be a tremendous blessing and asset to the missionary who’s started the daunting experience, DEPUTATION!  In addition to praying and keeping your missionary before your congregation, here are several ideas you may find helpful as you assist your missionary with pre-field ministry.

  • Help them schedule meetings. Make a phone call on their behalf or introduce them at pastor’s mtgs.
  • Review their ministry presentation and offer suggestions and encouragement. * It is very important for you to be candid with your missionary as you offer suggestions on their presentation. * As needed, provide assistance in preparing devotionals and messages. * If they conduct a meeting in your area, encourage a member of your church to attend the service.
  • Call and thank each pastor who allows your missionary to present their ministry. This call will also provide an opportunity for you to glean future advice that will help your missionary. Ask the pastor if the church is willing to partner with your missionary.
  • Call or write the pastor of each church that takes on financial support.
  • Meet with your missionary regularly for progress updates and prayer.
  • When your missionary is traveling, call them weekly to see how they are doing.
  • Encourage them to call when they face difficulties or discouragement.
  • Provide logistical support for your missionary throughout their pre-field ministry.
  • Because they will be away for long stretches of time, encourage them to maintain a disciplined life.
  • Help provide accountability with established goals.
  • Be aware of financial needs and how they will be met during pre-field ministry.
  • Financially support your missionary as generously and as sacrificially as possible. The sending church is encouraged to consider providing a minimum of 25% of the needed monthly support.