Plague Of Ambition-less Harvest Workers

Some of us grew up in an environment where the gospel message was reduced to its lowest common denominator.  We were trained how to "win souls" to Christ through salesmanship and technique.

The gospel is always in danger when the message becomes more man-centered than God-centered.  One unintended result of a minimalistic approach to the gospel is that our churches and schools became refuge for many small "c" christians, perhaps more than many of us imagine.  Young men and women inoculated with enough biblical truth to be able to parrot right answers, but not enough truth to transform them into passionate disciples of Christ.

Could this be one reason for the current plague of ambition-less harvest workers? White harvest fields are meaningless to these professed workers.

When this gospel is exported to the "mission field" the results are equally devastating.  Whole people groups claim christianity yet there is little or no visible transformation in their lives personally or in their culture as a whole.  The gospel received transforms lives and that transformation begins with us!

IBMGlobal exists to facilitate harvest workers committed to sharing the "maximum amount of truth with the maximum number of people."

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