Why Don't They Look & Act Like Me?

Why Don't They Look & Act Like Me? We lose our ability and opportunity to "minister the gospel of God" when we think that the effectiveness of the gospel will create people who look the same (i.e. -like me), think the same, act the same, and come to the same applications.

The reality in the church at Rome was that great tensions existed due to ethnocentricity and applications of Scripture driven by cultural heritage (See Ro 13-14).

We have the same problem today.  Too often we fail to see indigenous gospel movements because of our insistence that others conform to our position in "disputes about doubtful things." When they fail to do so we display attitudes that ignore Paul's warning not to "judge your brother" and actions that "show contempt for your brother" (Ro 14:10).

The mission will be successfully carried out as we strive to keep the main thing the main thing.