A Challenge To The Next Generation

God intends every one of us to be engaged in His Great Mission - My intention is not to put you on a guilt trip - some of you will prayerfully re-evaluate your life and come away with a clear affirmation that you are right where you should be, pursuing what God has for your life.  If God has blessed you with a good job, given you a purpose and a place in His plan - Rejoice!  I pray that for you God will press upon you your responsibility to sacrificially give and aggressively pray for the evangelization of the world in our generation.

  • Some God will burden to focus on becoming a pastor or teacher of the Word - and then launch you out to some far place.
  • For some God's plan is that you become financially successful - not so that you can live the American Dream by elevating your standard of living, but so you can contribute seriously to sending the gospel around the world
  • Some will be asked by God to adopt orphaned children and disciple them to become servants of Jesus Christ.
  • Some of you will be called to become experts in a skills that will be used by God as an entrance point into a restricted access nation. 40% of the world’s 7bn people are among groups of people who have been unreached for millennia!  We call them Unreached People Groups and there are over 6800 of them!  UPG is a group of people who lack a community of Christians able to evangelize the rest of the group without outside help.  In Africa alone there are 744 unreached Muslim people groups!
  • God may ask you to go and earn a degree at a University in India or Pakistan or Algeria or some other remote region so that you can gain entry to a country where formal missions work is not allowed.  So that people from that land might “glorify God for His Mercy!”
  • Some of you will get your seminary education so that you can serve the church in the ⅔ world by partnering in theological training efforts:  ½ of the Baptist churches in Ecuador have no pastor and only 17% of pastors have received theological education.
  • Evangelical Church in Zambia has 688 organized churches and 284 developing ones in Zambia.
  • Out of nearly 1000 churches in Zambia, less than 200 have pastors. (20%)