Practical Suggestion for Ministry Connections

Here are four suggestions for developing ministry connections.  This is what missionaries do all the time among unreached peoples.  In post-Christian America disciples of Jesus Christ must become intentional in developing these connections if we are to "make disciples."  So here goes: Get involved with the immediate community - shops, hangouts, school, park, sports. Find where people go and what they do in the neighborhood and be there! Be available: "hang out!" (Mt22:9-10;Lk19:5)

Develop relationships - be friendly.  A man who shows himself friendly will have friends. (Pr18:24)

Genuinely care for people - they will come to know that you care. Genuine concern, acceptance and care are the pathways to the door that opens the heart.  It is true that people really don't care what you know until they know you care.  This involves taking risks… allowing people to get close. (Mt9:36;15:32;Mk10:21;Jn3:16)

Know truth! Be ready to share truth in clear and meaningful ways.  Take an online apologetics course, read, pray and trust the Holy Spirit to guide you in sharing life and truth! (2Co5:12,1Pt3:15)