Realizing Biblical Outcomes When Planting Churches Cross-Culturally

The Church Planter's goal in leadership development is to see God-exalting independent Baptist churches with trained national leadership. This outcome is not realized by chance.  The church planter must demonstrate openness, communicate, and have the humility to give and receive correction and criticism.  (Phil. 2:1-18)

Each leader the church planter is developing must::

  • Have a clearly defined purpose
  • Have clearly defined ministry responsibilities
  • Have the freedom to lead and carry out those responsibilities
  • Have the desire to exercise that freedom within the leadership structure.

It is the responsibility of the church-planter to ensure that an environment exists that nurtures this kind of leadership.   in a cross-cultural setting the outcome when achieved will look different the church planter's sending culture.  The danger is that the church planter will not allow the disciple to develop ministry skills because of this tension.