Steven & Melissa Gustafson



We are Steven and Melissa Gustafson working in Southern Italy with Italian Pastor Peppo Biscarini and his American wife Jane. Peppo and Jane started a church in the city of Manfredonia in the Puglia region. Our primary purpose is to support Peppo and Jane as they minister to the people of Manfredonia. We are also discipling believers while at the same time sharing the Gospel with the very large populace of agnostic/atheist young adults.

Although Italy is considered a very religious country and there are religious figures in every home and business, it seems that is becoming agnostic. Most young people that we encounter proudly proclaim their agnosticism and the “fact” that there are no absolutes. To express moral absolutes is to be narrow and closed minded. Add to this mindset that southern Italians are very suspicious of all relationships outside their own family, one can see that sharing the Gospel requires a determined steady approach.

Melissa and I thank you for your prayers as Italy is known to be a “missionary graveyard” Most missionaries in Italy don’t make it through their first term. We see that God is working and has us here for a purpose. We desire to share the Gospel in this region and encourage Peppo and Jane with the same love and grace that we have experienced through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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