Ashlyn Hunt


United States - Camp Chetek

I am very excited to be counseling at Camp Chetek in Wisconsin this summer! I report to camp on May 28 and will serve until August 3. 

 It is amazing to see how God has burdened me with a desire to help people by ministering to their spiritual needs! When I was fifteen years old, God gave me a heart for the youth group that my church had just started. I began intentionally hanging out with some of the girls, purposely building relationships with them so that I might show them Christ’s love. It was amazing to see some of my friends come to Christ, get baptized, and become burdened for others! To this day, some of my sweetest memories are of the times we spent in Bible study and playing on the music team together. In May of 2017, just a few months before I left for university, I had the unique opportunity to help plan and lead my church’s first youth camp retreat. Since that amazing experience, I have longed to work at camp as a counselor. 

This past semester, God renewed my burden to serve at a camp ministry. After meeting with Randy Tanis, the director of Camp Chetek, I knew that God was leading me to work there this summer.  Because Camp Chetek alternates their weeks between kids camp and teen camp, I will have the unique opportunity to connect with a wide range of ages. I am very excited to see how God is going to work in and through me these ten weeks at camp, and I would covet your prayers and support!