Sonia Murray



We are the Murray family, living in Cuenca Ecuador  since 2002.  I (Sonia) am from Cuenca and David (my husband) was a missionary from Maine. David started a small church through Bible studies with some families. David passed away back in 2015 and we continue to get together for Bible studies.

My  son David (age 21)  is going to college in Maine this year. My children Andrea (18) and Joshua (16) are going to their last year of high school.

From our Director:  "Despite her present financial difficulties, Sonia is doing an exemplary job facilitating a Bible study in her home, where some of the men take turns leading, as well as raising her children to honor and love the Lord as a single mom." In honor of her husband David, "will you join us in prayer for God to provide a missionary or local pastor for this flock?" Pastor Larry Clouse