Frank & Lorraine Parry


Panama / United States


We are doing visitation of Spanish-speaking people in northwest SC and southwest NC and have had home Bible studies in four homes.  We have also purchased extensive home Bible Study courses that we are using for the dual purpose of evangelism and discipleship.  Since children in these Spanish homes are more fluent in English, we are using English correspondence courses with them for evangelism and spiritual growth and have channeled some of them and are seeking to channel more into our church’s King’s Kids ministry.  We are presently starting correspondence course lessons with two Spanish children who prefer to study in Spanish in order to maintain their use of the Spanish language.  Another emphasis that we have is distribution of gospel literature to Hispanics in our area and whenever we are traveling. 

The greatest highlight of this year was the salvation of Carlos and seeing extensive spiritual growth in his life.  We also had the privilege of counselling him and his partner.  The most difficult aspects of this ministry are changes in work schedules, loss of contact due to these changes, and the strong past religious influence of Catholicism and Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Also unlike our ministry in Panama, our present mission field is greatly scattered and requires finding where these people live.  However our hearts were greatly encouraged recently when our contact was renewed with both Ana and Martha and our studies were resumed. 

One of the burdens of our heart is to begin bilingual church services. We are in the process of trying to find a central location where such a ministry could be carried out.  We also hope to be able to begin Bible Institute classes on a limited basis in the near future.