Kevin St. John

IBMGlobal Director of Deputation (Bi-vocational)

Kevin serves as the Director of Deputation for IBM Global, has a heart for missions and a passion for evangelism. Using his many years of serving opportunities and business experience helps him come alongside those preparing for the Mission field. As a missionary transitions to the mission field, help is needed in planning and raising support through churches, business organizations, and individuals. There is also a need to work with the sending church to help develop a process of accountability and encouragement from the church family. The missionary is an extension of the sending church as they go into full-time missions. Kevin's goal is to help the missionary and sending church to develop a lifelong ministry plan for the support and management of the ministry. This plan also calls for an intentional evangelistic lifestyle as they serve on the field.

A note from Kevin: "Along with encouraging the missionaries and sending churches, my passion is to remind us all of the importance and simplicity of evangelism. We can all get busy in our ministry and life. However, we can never forget that the ultimate call for every believer is to share the Gospel message. I often ask the missionary, 'When was the last time you had a spiritual conversation that led to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ?  Has it been a day, a week?' We should be praying daily for the courage and opportunity to share the gospel. If we do not have that opportunity, we are missing a great opportunity be blessed by God and be a blessing to others."

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