Am I qualified to be a missionary?

IBMG desires to train and send missionaries to reach those who are without the Savior. We acknowledge that God has bestowed different gifts and abilities; therefore, the following have been set forth as the qualifications necessary to become an IBMG missionary:

  • Affirmation of a true conversion displayed through godly character and spiritual maturity

  • Daily fellowship with God through prayer and devotions

  • Passion for souls through regular participation in evangelism

  • Abstinence from practices that would hinder ministry

  • Commitment to learning and practicing creative ministry

  • Member in good standing and recommendation from your local church

  • Appropriate Biblical and theological knowledge

Because a missionary will encounter various situations while on the field, IBMG considers the following life-skills indispensable:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Interpersonal & Relational

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Time & Fiduciary Management

  • Writing & Communication

  • Administrative

How does IBMGlobal handle international emergencies?

In the event of a natural or political emergency, each field will have an established emergency management plan. IBMGlobal will not mandate a missionary to leave the field in the event of a natural or political emergency. The decision will ultimately reside with the missionary and the commissioning church.

What theological training is necessary?

We appreciate the training being provided by Bible College and Seminaries, but we also recognize the local church can be a training ground for developing a person’s head, heart, and hands for ministry. IBMGlobal relies on the recommendation of the commissioning church and does extensive testing throughout the application process to determine the candidate’s preparedness.

Are missionaries held accountable?

As we seek to fulfill our goal of partnering with the missionary’s commissioning church, IBMGlobal encourages the home church to visit the missionary as often as they are able. Additionally, periodic evaluations are conducted with each missionary and are then sent to the home office for review.

How is the support level for a missionary determined?

Financial support differs based upon geography as well as the needs of the missionary family. Support needs will be evaluated regularly to ensure the missionary is appropriately supported. The Director, in conjunction with the missionary and his sending church, determines the appropriate level of support necessary for each ministry. Each missionary is responsible for raising and sustaining their support level.

How are IBMGlobal and its missionaries funded?

IBMGlobal recognizes missionaries are unable to carry out the work that God has laid on their hearts without sufficient financial funding. As a non-profit organization, we are faithfully trusting and diligently seeking God to provide for every need. Funding is sourced through local churches, individual donors who sacrificially give to support the Mission’s vision as well as from the administrative service fees charged to the missionary.

How is IBMGlobal committed to the role of the local church?

IBMGlobal recognizes the centrality and authority of the local church. We view our role as providing missionary support services at the request and on behalf of the sending church. With that in mind, IBMGlobal is committed to encouraging communication between the sending church, the mission, and the missionary. When there are problems or challenges on the field, IBMGlobal will work together with the sending church to help encourage and resolve these matters. IBMGlobal exists to serve the local church and facilitate their efforts to send laborers into the harvest field.

Why should missionaries utilize a mission board?

As a foreign mission agency, IBMGlobal has committed to facilitating the following services (but not limited to) for each missionary who is a part of IBMGlobal.

  • Provide financial services such as, but not limited to: receipting donors, payroll services, retirement benefits, tax services.

  • Provide medical insurance plan.

  • Purchase and ship necessary supplies not accessible to the missionary on the field.

  • Provide resolution of field related issues arising between missionaries and government.

  • Visit each missionary as encouragement and for accountability.

  • Website support will be available for those ministering in restricted access areas.

Can I send gifts directly to a mission board?

Yes. The process of supporting a missionary is straightforward. In order to receive a tax-deductible receipt for your contributions, please make your check or money order payable to:

PO Box 607
Nashua, NH 03061

*Please do not make the check payable to the missionary.

Please indicate the missionary whose support it is designated for.

Is my gift to IBMGlobal tax-deductible?

Yes. As a religious non-profit, IBMGlobal is authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts for eligible contributions. Eligible contributions are defined as money designated for the support of a specific missionary and/or project. Should incoming funds be designated as a gift, the supporter will receive a receipt letter; however, personal gifts are not considered tax-deductible, per IRS regulation.