Our Ministries

IBMGlobal has accepted missionary candidates and has approved the opening of additional ministries in various countries in Africa, Asia, Central Asia, and South America.


Central Africa Baptist College  CABC is newly registered as their own 501(c)3 non-profit and is independent of IBMG. This link takes you to their website. Congratulations CABC!

Sudan Mission Fund is a ministry of CABC, and is also now found on their website, renamed as Theological Studies by Extension TSE offers off-campus theological & ministry training to pastors and church leaders across Africa. This fund allows us to provide grants to support the TSE program.


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If you would like information on specific countries or specific IBMGlobal ministries, please contact IBMGlobal.

If you would like to discuss the opening of a new country, please contact the Director at larry.clouse@ibmglobal.org.