How To Plant A Church

Larry Clouse serves as the Director of IBMGlobal During the recent IBMGlobal Candidate Conference, Larry Clouse, the Director of IBMGlobal, shared the practical steps he used to plant churches in the South Pacific and in New England.

  • Make friends everywhere you go.
  • Win people to Christ.
  • Intentionally disciple those who respond to the gospel.
  • Organize the new converts into a Bible study.
  • Move the Bible Study to Sunday morning.
  • Train the disciples to do the work of ministry.
  • Organize the new assembly.
  • Develop and hand-off leadership.
  • Reproduce another congregation.

If you are interested in reading a helpful book on cross-cultural church planting, David Hesselgrave has written a helpful book entitled: Planting Churches Cross-Culurally: North America and Beyond.  You can purchase the Kindle edition here.

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